May 20, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Awkwardness

Did you know: 
That shirt was my husband's. I had this crazy idea that it would be cute if wore a shirt of his. And have cute pictures in it. Sometimes Pinterest ideas don't go so well. It just looks massive and not as cute as I wanted.

Did you know:
That bracelet is from my grandma. I loved wearing it on our wedding. 

Did you know:
I felt incredibly awkward taking this photo. Uhh... how do I admire my dress. 

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The upstairs room was a huge bonus for us. We got to hide out there for a while and munch on yummy food. 

I do like this photo because I think it captures the awkwardness I felt all day. Everyone looking at me because that's what you are suppose to do at weddings. Stare at the bride and see how she'll react to the environment around her. Not a good combo for someone who gets red in the face. 

Awkwardness is not bad if you embrace it. It's a good thing I had a lot of makeup on that day.

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