April 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesday

After mentioning how I did not know what to do with wedding photos, my friend Sarah texted me this great idea! On Wednesdays I will post a wedding photo and explain why I love it. 

I hope that you are not totally over the wedding thing, because secretly I think about it a lot! I loved our wedding and hope that you get a sense of the wedding through this series.

Wedding Wednesday

This photo captures a sweet moment with my sister and I. I had the privilege of being her maid of honor. Her photographer captured a similar photo. I was putting her shoes on her. Not going to lie, her shoes definitely were cooler.

Putting shoes on with a tight dress is not easy. You probably see a lot of similar photos on the internet. It's because brides really do need help with their shoes.
Getting Ready Photos

I wanted practicality over style. It was sandals for me. I also love how this photo captures the detailing in the lace. I was able to hand pick the lace. The overlay (or top section from lace to silk ribbon) was made just for me. My wonderful semesters cut off all the eyelashes on the lace. I bet you did not know lace had eyelashes. I didn't, and apparently I don't like them. 

In this moment, I can remember being SO thankful and relieved the dress still fit.

Stay tuned for more Wedding Wednesday!

Photo by Radiant Photography 
Hair and makeup by All Done Up
Dress by David Tutera 

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