March 18, 2015

traditional husband

About half of my blog post ideas never get posted because they are sappy.

I'm not sure how often you want to read about my love for my husband. But the fact is is that I do. And sometimes I just need to write about my traditional husband. 

Last weekend I got really sick to my stomach. Usually, I can fight off any stomach aches with an hour on the couch or a good nights rest. This was different. I started the day off feeling at 60%. I thought a run and a clean (Paleo) breakfast would help. It did a good job of stabilizing everything. But after lunch I felt awful. I often say "I have never felt this sick before" but I wasn't being dramatic this time. (By the way, that phrase looses it's value once you say it a few times :). I laid in bed with the worse stomach pains I've ever felt. For over 6 hours I laid in bed hoping the pain would go away. 

That's when my husband shined. He nor did I know what to do. But he did is best. He laid in bed and watched TV with me. He made me drink water. And feed me pretzels (BTW not Paleo, but we did not know how to fight the flu symptoms like a caveman). He even check on me every commercial break when his father was visiting town. Then after 6 hours he took me to the ER. And waited with me until 1 am. He did is best to crack the jokes and got me to laugh. 

What a beautiful thing it is to have someone love you that much. To have someone be so concerned about you. To have someone sit by you when it's the first Saturday with awesome hiking weather.

I HATE not taking care of myself. What I learned through my ER experience is that sometimes we have to let others take care of us. Sometimes we need to let our loved ones do what is best for us. (And sometimes we have to text our moms and ask if said pains are normal.)

I hope that you are able to experience someone's love today. Or maybe you can share your love for them in an unconventional way. 

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