January 26, 2015

My Top 5 Blogs

It's been three weeks since my man and I decided to go Paleo. What a change we both have been seeing! Changes in our bodies and our energy levels. What I didn't expect or realize I'd have to change was the blogs I follow.

This amateur blogger admires the pro bloggers out there. Here are the top 5 blogs I love! Some of them are now making their way down the list because they (clearly) are not Paleo approved.

  1. Balanced Bites. Honestly, I just started following this blog (which acts more like a website). But I love Diane Sanfillippo's recipes and cookbook Practical Paleo. I have listened to one of her podcasts and can't wait until I can listen to more. She is very knowledgable. 

  2. How Sweet It Is. Okay totally not Paleo. But I have been following this blog for a long while now. She makes the best pulled bbq beer chicken. I've made many things from her blog and never fail to be impressed. She is funny and has an adorable baby boy who fills her Instagram feed. Babies and chocolate are constant for her. I'm a huge fan. 
  3. Fit Foodie Finds. I check her blog on the regular. Her recipes reflect whole eating with room for decedent desserts. Not 100% Paleo but she definitely focuses on healthful foods. Plus she throws in the nutrition facts and posts workouts. The only downfall, the way she writes sometimes bothers me. I don't fully appreciate her humor. But her photos and recipes make up for it! 
  4. Minimalist Baker. This wedded duo make a perfect pair in the kitchen. She creates and photographs the food. He writes (wonderful) blogging tips and how to's. The title reflects their recipes  100%. Even their kitchen is minimal. I don't often make their food because of the odd ingredients but my Pinterest board is filled with their recipes! 
  5. Kendi Everyday. Yup! I am still following this (non food) blog and will some day fulfill my dream of visiting her shop. This was the first blog I started following and when I want to dress cute think "what would Kendi wear". 
There you have it. My 5 blogs I follow on the regular.

As you see I am in need of some more Paleo blogs. There are a handful out there but none quite as impressive as the non-Paleo blogs. If you have any blogs you follow let me know! I am always on the hunt for inspiration!

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