August 25, 2014

My thoughts on Pinterest

I won't deny it, Pinterest is a really great tool.  Saving recipes, decorating ideas, and workout regimes is easily done with this site. It's also a really great way to waste time. Sometimes, I'll find myself with ten minutes to spare. I'll browse the front page for whatever the world is posting at the moment. Recently, I found there is a fine line not to be crossed when using the website.

I have realized more and more this is the danger: Jealousy. The countless photos of slim women, or fancy clothes, or tasty food, or bigger kitchens bring out this feeling. These images leave you with wanting more things than what you have. They leave you with a felling of inadequacy and the thought of "if only I had that ingredient or those pants my life would be better". Yikes! It's such a bummer that a single website can completely change how I value the materialistic things in this life.  Suddenly, my house, or the food in my pantry no longer are enough. Rather than counting my blessings I am wishing for more.

It's scary to think how much time I spend on this website and the damage it can do. I become nervous for others too. This website's largest population seems to be women. And unfortunately, it's normal for women to compare themselves to others. I become nervous when thinking about high school girls, or girls in college, doubting themselves because they do not live up to the pictures or self help tips found on the site. I know I am at fault for those things. And I also know how hard it is to not cross the fine line.

I think Pinterest can do good for this society. I also think that if we aren't careful, we will fall into the patterns of this world and continually compare ourselves. I want to continue using the website, but I think I need to find another place to direct my attention if I have time to spare. A place where my mind is stimulated in a positive way.

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