August 20, 2014

Accepting the adventure

I've always been a routine person. And I've always been one to follow something that I know works. Even if it's not the easiest or the most sensible way of doing things.

I've realized something since moving states and moving in with someone new. There is more than one (correct) way of doing something. There is more than one way to serve dinner. More than one of cooking pizza (see early post!). More than one way to do the dishes. More than one way to do errands.
The best part of this realization: it's totally okay. It's totally okay to do things your own way. Yes, we should be thankful for those who taught us the basics. Thankful for the past which formed what and who we are now. But, changing how you do something doesn't necessarily mean you change yourself. It's accepting a new, fresh, way of doing the daily things to fit your present self. Not all chores have to be done on Saturday. Not everyone needs a huge breakfast. No one will judge you if don't start work until 2pm. It's challenging to accept this reality. And, I'm continually challenged by my new (lifelong) roommate to try new things and in new ways. 

It's good for this structured one. It wasn't on the top of things I was expecting to do while in Colorado. I am on an adventure accepting the routine that fits my present life. An adventure I know I need. 

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