August 17, 2014


I've attempted to blog a few times this past week. Every time I have good intentions of sitting down to write I don't. Sometimes I get afraid to say what I want to say, other times I feel like what I'm going to write won't be interesting. Another large part of the inconsistent writing is my lack of direction. As you have probably have noticed, there is a wide variety of options on the web already. I could turn this into a food blog. But, I'm not the sister in the family going to culinary school soon. I could turn this into a baking blog, but the whole newlywed budget thing has put a temporary hold any sweets coming out of the kitchen. While I enjoy fitness, I'm no pro. And DIY isn't my forte. I leave that up to my other sisters. Thankfully, I did marry a dutch man. So, this still is my dutch story. That doesn't change. But, maybe that's all this blog has ever been. A place to write about my life. I'm just afraid you all will get tired of reading about my lack of trust and patience with the Lord. Or about my love for running and cooking for my husband. I could however, write about the embarrassing moments of my days to add laughs to your days. 

So I ask of you, to keep checking in, while I figure out where to go with this project of mine. I think about it daily, have multiple ideas, just need to work up the confidence to keep hitting that "publish" button in hopes that I will encourage and brighten your day.

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