June 9, 2014

Monday Motivation: Coconut bars

During our walk by Lake Michigan my good friend Sarah said to me.

"Right now, some parts of your life are planned out to every detail like having coconut bars at your wedding. Other parts aren't planned out at all".

What about you, what parts of your life are planned out like my coconut bars? What about the parts that aren't planned out at all? Enjoying both unplanned and planned parts of my life is one of my biggest challenges. However, I know that there is a reason for this challenge. I know that in 10 years I'll look back and laugh that I was so adamant about having coconut bars and laugh at all the stress I put myself under.

So today, I challenge you to delight in the coconut bars and everything else in between.

1 comment:

  1. V- I love it :) And thanks for the challenge to take delight, that was a good reminder for me!