June 18, 2014

First week in Arizona.

One week down. Five to go.

The past week has been filled with crazy adventures with my nephews and niece. I get the priverlage of nannying them until the wedding. Wow, props to all the moms out there. Those little munchins take a lot of energy! We've already been to two spasb pads, the library, and swimming on any day not at the splash pad. This morning, they were in the water at 8am. It blows my mind. But hey! Easy entertainment. 

I finally got to craft a little for the wedding tonight. I'm not the most crafty person, but I enjoy trying. I have a few more crafts to go and the first week flew by. We have a ways to go to bring all the details together. But, overall I like the direction it's going. Five more weeks until the wedding. I cannot be more excited. I cannot be more excited for this marriage. 

Enjoy the photos from the past week. It's been a hoot. 
My sister threw my bachelorette party last Friday. Such a good day. 

Their reward for being dragged to the fabric store. Grandma's special Sundays. 

Shopping with my dad and mom for their wedding attire. So much fun, I mean the sales assistant gave us champagne. Can't go wrong with that. 

We built a fort in my room along side an afternoon movie. To make the one day the past week we stayed dried!!

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  1. Love it V! Such good pictures and it looks like you're enjoying your time in the A-Z. :)