April 15, 2014

Here's a dash of honesty for you. I wasn't fully enjoying the wedding planning as much as most people would think. First thing people think of when I say I want to to be an event planner "oh, well you must love planning the wedding".

Don't get me wrong, I have been enjoying most of it, and my fiancé does a good job of being excited about wedding plans when need be. But, I was missing my bridesmaids and the ability for them to be at dress alteration appointments, browsing through Pinterest, and talking about fun details.

But then, I got to go home. Enter #aaronandvictoria719 ultimate wedding planning week! I got to visit the reception site for the first time, yup, you read that right. I hadn't seen the reception place before we booked it. It was so pretty. I loved it the second we drove through the meadow. I cannot wait for our photos at Foxboro.

Other notable moments of the trip:

  1. Discovering a cute cafe in Happy Valley. It wouldn't be road trip without a coffee stop and bathroom break. 
  2. Meeting with the wedding planner who is going to help with set up and pull together all of the details. 
  3. Walking around downtown Flagstaff, trying on multiple rehearsal dresses, and finding nothing that worked! (White legs do not go well with spring dresses).
  4. Meeting my dad and brother-in-law at Windsor for a delicious beer and burger. 
  5. Visiting with the nieces and nephews at lunches, dinners, and soccer games. 
I cannot be more excited about the wedding weekend. Before, my excitement was directed at being married to Aaron. Now, I'm more excited about the hours leading up to the wedding. I cannot wait to spend time with my bridesmaids and flower girls getting ready. I cannot wait to spend time making all decorations. I cannot wait to visit my family and friends with my husband at our reception. 

side note: I did take pictures of these events, but they did not appear on my new phone. I think that was what iCloud is for. But... I clearly don't know what I'm doing. So, just imagine some smiling faces.  

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