January 29, 2014


A big part of my job requires me to do mailings. We send materials, books, guides, and banners to students who start TPUSA chapters on their campus. 

My first experience doing a mailing wasn't my favorite, I had to big of a box, not enough materials, and a mix up w addresses. But now I've grown to like mailings. 

First, it gives me a reason to get some fresh (cold) air. I always feel better after leaving the office for a few minutes. 

Secondly, the post lady. She is quite, recites the required question "Do you have anything parishiable, dangerous, potentially hazardous in the box" everytime even though I always so no. Sometimes I wonder what she'd do if I said yes. I decided I want to be friends with her. She seems like she'd be nice. Laughs at my lame jokes, or comments about being cold- Incase she couldn't tell with my red nose. She also let me back in line after my second run to the car. So, I have her in my books as a nice lady. 

Doing mailings is probably pretty funny to watch. You'd see small girl, carrying as many boxes, tubes, and envelopes as she can handle. It takes balance to open two doors with only one hand. So far, I'm 3 for 3. Nothing dropped! 

I also appreciate the Lemont Post Office's floor. The whole building for some reason, I like a lot. 

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