December 21, 2013

This post goes to the queen of S/O. To the girl who makes the best morning coffee. To the friend who walks into Starbucks and knows 99% of the customers. To the friend who will find any reason to celebrate.

My beautiful friend Sarah.

I knew I wanted to live with her in an apartment because her dorm was always clean and always smelt good. Maybe that was a risk judging her living character off her small dorm, but I'm glad I took that risk. Sarah taught me the importance of having fun and living in the moment. She challenged me to be more of a relational person. Her social skills blow my mind sometimes, she can carry a conversation with anyone. I don't know if I'll ever get on her level in that department.

We've done a lot of fun things together. Including traveling to Italy in the beginning of Junior year. Pulling a prank on my man. Planning parties, planning Troll Color Rushes, and endless trips to whatever restaurant had salads we both could eat. We've struggled through our weird eating limitations together, even cheating together. Sometimes it makes you feel less bad if you do it with someone else. We've tried to create a comfortable living place where anyone is welcome at any time. And while Sarah has left to a new chapter in her life I hope to continue to have a home where random people are here because they need a place to study or eat.

If you have ever met Sarah you know how much her presence lifts your spirits. And if you haven't, I hope that some day you can. Then you'll understand why she is such a big deal. No doubt she'll dish out a compliment to you.

So raise a glass with me to Sarah. Good luck my friend in Wisconsin. The Ctevehood doesn't know what is about to hit them.

 This girl knows how to shop! Love you Sarah. Apt. 11-1d misses you. 

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