December 19, 2013


I graduated. Yup. Me. After multiple threats to drop out, years of stressing out about papers, and finding a personal spot in the library I am done. 
Post graduation photo shoot. Lets say the Trin security didn't like us for this.

Thanks Kay for the great pictures. 

My brother and brother-in-law also graduated. So of course we had to celebrate. And celebrate we did. 

My good friend Sarah helped me throw and open house. I Didn't think my little apartment could hold so many people but we did it. I loved having so much laughter, smiles, and good food in my house. Best part about it:my friend Abby came to visit me. She just got back from Ecuador. I couldn't have been more excited to see her. You know that's true when I forget people's names and get all shaky! 
At night we went downtown for a dinner cruise. We didnt cruise anywhere because it was so icy  but exploring the boat, eating and drinking was tons of fun. I even got a little boogy on. 

Other fun things we did: ice skating! My aunt and uncle came for the first time. We took them downtown. What a hoot they are. 

Seriously though. Never a dull moment with them. 

I cannot be more thankful for those who came out to Chicago to celebrate this achievement. But more than that thank you to all who supported me the past 3.5 years. I couldn't have done it without you. 

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  1. So many good pictures! Love this. :)