September 18, 2013

There is something different about this school year. I am a little afraid to say it because I don't want it to kick me in the butt. But, in case it does kick me in the butt, you can point me back to this blog post and calm me down.

I'm that girl in class who writes everything in her planner, flips to a couple weeks a head to schedule an event in, and draw big check-marks by a completed task (annoying I know). If that doesn't explain my personality to you, then just know that I love to-do list, but I love the feeling of a completed to-list even more.

I am a part time student this year. That means only 9 credits and working part time at Express. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday's I am done with school by 10am. Throw in the a couple hours of homework in the library and I'm normally leaving school before 2pm. So then what. What does this girl do with all that time? How do I not let the time go to waste?

Fun fact for you all: I am pretty bad at just sitting. I am bad at enjoying the conversation at the lunch or dinner table. I will more than likely be thinking about the dirty dishes, or small things for my race I need to finish or start, or thinking about my to-list (Keep in mind that if it's a super important conversation I'm all ears). I'm really bad at doing nothing for more than an hour. That is my productive personality trait kicking in for you.

So you can see why having all this time on my hands is a strange thing. I have to get used to it. I keep waiting for each week to get more busy. But, why? I don't think anyone has told me that being busy is a must. I think a lot of our culture tries to tell us that. But, I know it isn't wrong if I'm not filling each moment working to mark something off my list.

I'm trying to teach myself how to enjoy the slower schedule. Rather than working on my to-do list, maybe I'm suppose to be working on the relationships around me.
Looking back on this week I see a few moments I have been able to enjoy because of my slower schedule.
1. Long midday conversations at the BBC with my man.
2. 30 minutes conversation on the phone with my mom (while sitting in perfect fall weather mind you!)
3. FaceTiming with my sister and nephew.

I know that in the future my time to be busy will come. But for now, I need to seriously be thankful for the extra time.

Can't be more thankful for the conversation I had with my 3 year old Noah today.

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