July 2, 2013

I'd say I am thoroughly behind in blogging. 

Thanks Dad for the encouragement to keep writing. 

Since last time, my sister Kay and niece Kate visited Megan and I. We enjoyed tasty food and good conversation. We experienced lots of adventure such as being stuck in the thunderstorm walking back from the beach. A stroller does not work so well in a thunderstorm. Thank goodness for the 7-eleven. 

It's crazy to think the month that I feared so much passed. I conquered it. Well, I can't say I did it because I know that without the Lord's strength I wouldn't have been able to enjoy June. June was filled picnics (both with Megan and the kids I babysit), settling into my apartment, and deepening my relationships. It was also filled with tears, fears, and failures. Everytime I had one of those low moments it was filled back up by the Lord's comfort. I realized that even though my man is gone I can do this thing called life. Sometimes it'd be easier with him around, other times I feel like I can do it, and most of the time I just plain wish I could share the memories with him. But, in 4 days Aaron comes home! A lot of us in the Palos area wait with anticipation for his arrival back from OCS. 

Thank you to all of those who put up w my tears, with my ridiculous (that goes largely to Megan- you got to enjoy a lot of my weirdness this month), and to those who kept me (and Aaron) in your prayers. They were heard. I can't wait for all the new memories that will be made in July. 

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