June 16, 2013

This weekend was one that I have been looking forward to for a while for two reasons:

 A. Liberty weekend 
B. Plans to be at the beach were made between Megan and I. 

Ok. A needs a little explaining- my man got his first weekend off of training after 3 long weeks. It was long for me; I can't imagine how he felt. Liberty means that we can talk to him. What a huge blessing that was. Getting in 3 weeks of information in 24 hours proved to be challenging yet so rewarding. He sounds super legit doing his training thing. Yikes!!

B. Megan and I have been wanting to just lay out and do nothing in the sun. So, after church we packed a lunch and headed to the harbor. I'd say beach, but we picked a grassy area instead. It was a win all around, she got to watch the dogs at the dog park, and I didn't have to sit in the sand! It finally felt like summer today. 

Those two events were fulfilled to my expectations. Then even more blessings came. I was surrounded by some (unexpected) love through my mans family. And my sister decided we were going out for a fun dinner! It was nice not having to do dishes! And to be taken care of. 

So, here lies another week infront of me. I know I can expect challenges, but I also know that I get to look forward to a lot of adventures as well. 

If you think of it, please pray for my man. Liberty was good for both of us, but it kinda is a double edge sword. Back to no communication is always an interesting adjustment. 

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