April 12, 2013

Staying grounded

Here I am again. Sitting at Panera blogging. Normally I am here because

A. It's been a long week
B. I am trying to hide from someone.
C. I am hungry
D. I had a giftcard
E. I just want to get away

Correct answers: C.D. and (sort of E.)

I will admit that A is true as well. School was pretty heavy this week. I put in a lot of hours studying, probably more then I did running.

This time around I am sitting at Panera, encouraged by the fact that I beat this week. I will not lie, I had a couple vent sessions, a couple 'I just want to give up moments', and a couple 'food is an escape moments' but overall I am thankful for the shoulder the Lord gave me to lean on.

I am finally getting the hang of this college thing. Normally I come to Panera because I am just so beaten up I don't know what else to do. But this time, I am sitting here excited that even though this week was hard I did it. I am excited that I have people around me who remind me school isn't the only thing going on. They remind me that it's going to be ok and no matter how much stress I put into it  school and planning events things will get done. I need those kind of people to come around more often.

So- to the random girl in Tibstra last night, to the new guy in my life, to my easy going roommate, and to my parents, and (in a weird way) to my running shoes- Thanks. Thanks for keeping me grounded this week. You are appreciated.

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