April 29, 2013

9 days

(I was reminded that it has been 9 days since my last post. Thank you kind soul for the reminder).

To be honest with you, I don't know how it is 9 days since then. My read-headed roommate and I often find ourselves pondering how in the world the days go by so fast. Sometimes I feel like the clock skips a couple hours and decides to be 4pm and then two minutes later is 4pm 5 days later.

I had some time alone today. Like alone alone. Without the phone, without the computer, no roomies, boyfriend, Twitter, Instagram, nothing. Just me and the Bible. Yikes, that was well over needed. To be honest I am still trying to figure out all my thoughts on that time alone. But to start- I am thankful that Lord pulled me away, sat me down in his green grass, and warmed my soul with His presence and the sun. As much as I try to stay grounded with my Bible reading in the morning it is often filled with distraction. Taking a drive with the windows down and finding a random lake to sit by was the best decision I have made all day.

Maybe thats what I learned from that time alone. The simple act of taking a drive and being with the Lord can really fill me up. I try really hard to do it other ways. I know other ways can help but why don't I do separate myself from the commotion of everyday life more often?

Not sure how to make this awkward transition into things that could be perceived as commotion but here are some photos of life from the past couple weeks.

Leadership outing with Student Activities. The day of my fender bender. A little nature helps a whole lot. 
Aaron and I plus another couple made floating lanterns. They at least looked cool (on the ground).

Yesterday was GEMS Sunday. These little girls have challenged me and blessed me in ways they will never know.

And finally, I have been filling my mornings with running. Seriously, I don't know what kind of person I would be without discovering my passion for it. I try to thank the Lord for my ability to run everyday. It clears my head like nothing else.

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