March 30, 2013

There has been a whole lot of newness going on in my life that I am not sure I was ready to share with this online world, but in order to stay real with you folks here it is.

I have always been the homebody type. Freshman year was the most challenging because I had to leave home, everything that I knew and was comfortable with. I came to a place where new faces were everywhere, new routines needed to be developed, and a new pattern of life needed to be accepted.

Flash forward to March 30, 2013 and a week after spring break which lead me to a wonderful visit at home. I never thought that I would admit this or even feel this way but every time I go home I realize how much Trinity has become my new home. A lot of things have stayed the same at home (in Arizona) so jumping back into the normal routine could be super easy. It was easy but it was also a little different to. Leaving the routine, people, and lifestyle I have in Palos Heights just felt odd to me. No I am trying to figure out how could a college campus that I have only been on for 3.5 years be normal for me? How could a place where 20 years of memories become... uh I don't know the word to describe it... but distant? different? yet still remain home?

Nothing about my house, my parents, my family, has changed in the sense of not accepting me. But what has changed are the routines and lifestyles there that I am no longer apart of constantly. The fact that my niece and nephew didn't know who I was the first time I saw them broke my heart. The fact that I could lounge around all day made me feel like I was visiting. The fact I didn't garden because I wouldn't be there in the summer to take care of it made me sad.

I left Arizona with so many memories. I also left with the uncertainty of when I would return. That in itself is a whole new feeling I have never experienced. I am so thankful that my parents who took care of me (more like spoiled me). I know that this part of the season in my life is a little difficult for them. However, I am excited that I am finally pursing my dream of living in Chicago and having an event planning job. Well, its not quite the dream because I'll be living in Alsip, Il and have an unpaid internship but still, they match up close enough. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the ability to create a life here. I am thankful that I am supported by my family in Arizona, the place where I gained my knowledge of what home looks like, because without their support I wouldn't have contentment about leaving it.

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