January 6, 2013

Texas wedding

I was able to celebrate the wedding of one of my cousins this weekend. My mom, dad, Thys, his girlfriend and I loaded up the car and readied ourselves for a 12 hour drive Friday and then again Sunday.

But the sore but and achey legs are worth is because seeing the joy on my cousins face was worth it. He was so incredibly happy to see his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle. I had a lot of fun dancing with my two cousins and trying to square dance.

To say that it doesn't make me think about my wedding would be a lie. I probably shot up a thousands questions to God about when it would be, who I will marry, and when will I meet him Saturday night. Sometimes I feel like it won't ever happen. Ironically, two weeks ago my pastor gave me a pretty good 'resolution'... To become fully satisfied and complete by my relationship with The Lord. This is going to be a pretty big challenge for me in this year because I often feel alone or like the 3rd wheel. But it something I know I need to work on. I hope that when I have the lonely feeling I can remember the words of my pastor. And the promises of God.

Tomorrow I head back to Chicago, then leave for Italy on Wednesday. I can't wait to start the semester. Break has been good but it's time to start with my own life again.

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