January 26, 2013


The second semester is officially here. I have 2 days of classes under my belt and I can't say I am particularly excited for any of them. Sad I know, but right now I think the nervousness of finding a routine, understanding the expectations, and getting comfortable is taking over. School does not come easy to me but I now that I can get through whatever comes my way because I overcame last semester. I am so thankful my job is a place where I can be excited and try new things. My first event this semester is a movie night. We are hoping to make it different then the ones in the past- I am imagining a  really cool popcorn bar. Look back in a week for an update on how that went.

It's crazy to think that in 2013 I will be finishing school. I am going to try to make this semester one to remember for a long time. I get to start it off by having my mom come up next weekend to celebrate my birthday. I am so blessed.

Keep Tibstra 33 in your prayers. We all have pretty big years coming up.

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