January 16, 2013

Home at last

 After a 10 hour flight home, nearly missing our connecting flight due to weather delay, and eating airplane food all day I made it back to Trinity. It feels good to be sitting in the quiet room alone. I loved being with my friends discovering, wondering, and eating our hearts out in Italy but there is always a time to return back to the norm. I think I reached that point last night; so I am thankful for this moment. 

My writing was scarce and short while in Italy. So I will post some pictures and highlights about the trip.

This bridge was over the large river through Venice. It is a tradition for couples to put locks on the bridge to seal their love. You can also see how the town was built on the edge of the water! Literally built on sticks. 

My favorite street food I tasted was this crepe in Venice- found on our way to the first Jewish Ghetto. 

Sarah and I loved the shopping in Florence. We discovered Dixie; which may be my favorite store right now. Only in Tuscany, Italy :(

This bell tower is found in the middle of Florence as part of a cathedral that contains the largest doumo  (dome) . The bell tower has 414 steps of which I climbed all of them for a great view of the city. 

Enjoying our Tuscany Farmhouse dinner. I think that I started my wine drinking on a high standard after this wine tasting night. I'm pretty sure this was the best biscotti I've had but I am not a fan of the dessert wine. 

Met Lindsay. She is my Student Activities boss, but she is more than that to me. I am so thankful we went on the trip together because she is a friend to me now. She is a lot of fun and so down to earth (when she isn't be sarcastic!)

This piece of marble is found in St. Peter's Bascilca. It is the largest piece of marble ever. The design of this church is incredibly beautiful.
Enjoying the few minutes of sun in Vatican City!
The Colosseum. WOW! Need I say more.
The Trevy Fountain. To be honest- I was a little let down by this, but the size of this thing is crazy.

My new friend Hannah captured this shot for me. I walked a lot, learned more, and gained new friends. I made memories that I will have within me forever. Experiencing God's world in another place was amazing and so often I found myself feeling small. The work of Michelangelo's David, Sistine Chapel, blew me away.

I hope that this trip brought me closer to the footsteps of Jesus and I hope that some day I will return. I want to explore further into the country that I find so delightful.  


  1. Victoria,

    Looks like you had an amazing journey to Italy! Im so excited you were able to experience such a beautiful place, one that holds a special spot in my heart for sure. love you sis!

  2. This post was so special. I loved every word and picture :) Someday maybe you could make the picture of you from the Vatican your new blogger picture :)