July 6, 2012

Tool box

I felt like being pinteresty today. But I needed so ideas and of course when I needed Pinterest most it was letting me down. So I headed to the newest Brass Armadillo antique store in Goodyear. Which I recommend first it is huge, and secondly they have give away's. Which I won a $5 gift card from (also last week I one a $100 gift card to hotwire.com at an internship event; feeling lucky lately). I got some ideas at the antique store and took pictures through the steps. But first, a picture of my winnings! I got a vintage clock for only 4 bucks with this gift card. I'll take it!
What you'll need: 
  1. Stack of pallets. 
  2. Spray paint, newspaper, hammer, nails, and normal paint. 
  3. Garden tools
  4. A handyman  

Step one: pick the best or worst pallet. 

I liked this one because it wasn't falling apart. And I was super thankful for my brother's gloves he suggested I use. 

Here are my supplies. 

I got my pallet cut. I was going to handsaw it but Thys said it would take me all day, so  this is where the handyman came into handy. 

I spray painted it green then painted the words on it with normal paint. But I should've looked harder for wood paint. After 3 coats G-A-R-D-E-N finally showed up. 

Time for the hammer and nails. 

Then hang the tools! Its kinda hard to see but there is a rake on the right. It is going to be hanging off of it to. I can't wait to get it up on the wall. I need my father for that part. But, for now, my tool holder is doing its purpose.

Want to know the best part about this project: Cost $0! Can't get much better than that folks. 


  1. You made that? Seriously impressed

  2. This is so cute....and so useful...Cool!

  3. the farm girl in you is shining right now!
    i love it!