July 2, 2012

Kenmore and Roscoe

This weekend I learned that:

  1. I like Chicago more when it is cold, snowing (rain is good to), and preferably during Christmas time because then I can wear scarves, boots, and my big wool jacket.
  2. I am more likely to get bug bites in the month of June in Chicago then I am hiking the jungles of Mishuashi, Ecuador.
  3. I like to organize houses, expect for the kitchen area (Uh-o I need to learn to like that ASAP).
  4. I found a smoothie with kale in it that I actually enjoy
  5. I am rethinking my childhood dream of living in a big city each day. 
  6. Belmont Rd. has some interesting people on it even at 6am. 
  7. I would rather read a book at night then watch T.V.(Karen Kingsburg is a good author). 
  8. Eating a whole bag of sweet potato chips (in 2 days) will give you sores on your mouth. 
  9. I need some sort of run in the morning if I want to be productive that day.  
  10. Wearing my $20 Sperry TopSiders isn't a good idea on moving day.
To prep for moving day Megan and James took us to Glen's Diner down the street from them. Good food, fun atmosphere, and light conversation all while sporting our new shirts from our hard working day of shopping.
I can't wait to enjoy Megan and James house if they will have me! I'll be happy to bring some burgers Megan  if you will grill them up. See you soon sis!

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  1. This post made me smile! You can come over whenever you want!!!