July 15, 2012


Dirt road, corn, humidity, and pigs. Yup, Iowa was all that Abby said it was. But to me I really appreciated the simple life of small towns and family gatherings. I loved that I was able to spend my time with Abby and her family. Friday night we headed up to the lake... Yup you read that right, I said lake. I had no idea Iowa was so cool and had a huge lake... I can official say I have been camping. I know I started on the high end because we stayed in a camper but hey it's still camping. Her grandparents ( who are no normal grandparents) let us stay there Friday night; we played cards, had super by the lake and stayed up lake. Then Saturday we jetted around the lake all day. Leave it to Me to find a boat and lake to sit in. I loved it, especially because I didn't have to worry about the Az sun. I am so thankful for this simple weekend I got to spend with the Heynen family. ( posting in the airport so pictures to come).

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  1. So glad you got a break from the AZ sun...sounds like fun!