July 11, 2012

From the looks of it

Well, obviously from the looks of it I updated the looks of my blog. It took me forever, but I figure it was a better waste of my time. It was either that or searching Pinterest for nothing in particular. Doing this sort of web stuff makes me pray for a husband that knows how to work with computers super well (and pray harder for one that doesn't get frustrated with it like me). Because after about 1 hour of trying to make my blog look good I wanted to give up. But, after 2 days I think I got it. I hope it is easier to read. Thanks for all my blog readers out there. I know there are some super great blogs on the web so I am thankful that you guys are interested in my little life out here in Tolleson... Now, I get to spend my night getting ready for my trip to IOWA! Photos coming soon.

1 comment:

  1. I love the new look! And the profile picture....Have fun in Iowa!