June 14, 2012

Just the norm

I always have a hard time posting during the summer. I am not sure why thought; its not like I have tons of homework, or school activities I want to attend. I am never motivated to write... maybe my brain isn't being challenged.

What's a typical day look like for me? Here's Wednesday schedule.

6:00am- Run (if I feel like it). Next half marathon training starts next week. Yikes.

9:30am-3:30am- Internship at Arizona Nursery Association.  I fill my days there doing whatever small tasks I am asked to but the major thing I am working on is the SHADE conference they are putting on August 10th. I get to learn how to plan an event. How cool is that? (look up ANA online and go out and plant something green!)

4:30-.If I didn't run in the morning I hit the gym along with all the 100 of other people who were to lazy to get up in the morning.  If I did- head home!

7ish. Wednesdays are nights I hang with my cousin Angel. She's pretty and awesome which makes her pretty awesome. We hit up a coffee shop or eat dinner together.

after that: I finish my night by doing homework for my Intercultural Communication online class. Not fun at all I wish I could have taken it in Ecuador.

Not sure if its the most exciting thing in the world for you all folks to be reading. But I hate checking blogs and not having anything new to read. Hope you all are soaking up enough sun, drinking enough tea (or Arnold's), and loving life.

 If you get bored I'm loving http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/ lately. Her hair is super cute and she gives great tutorials.They make me wish I had thick hair.


  1. Thank you for posting :o) I do check your blog a lot....it was nice to have something to read. Melissa told me about your internship....cool beans (as Hannah would say).