June 29, 2012

I don't really like 'catching up' posts. But I guess that is what I get for not keeping up with my post. Lately its been hot in Arizona. Ok, that is an understatement. Midwest friends: be thankful that you don't live here right now. Sometimes I feel like the sun is going to melt my skin away. But than I feel bad for saying something because I don't work outside like my brothers and dad do. I do not know how they do it.

Despite the heat I still garden in it. I know I always post pictures about my garden, but it is coming a long quite well. I am pretty proud of it. Especially now that I am working at a ANA. I learn a lot about plants from my co-worker.
I added Lilly of the Nile, a Bird of Paradise tree, and a lot of seeds including Zinna's which do well in the heat for some reason. My sunflowers did really good finally. I had to pull them out just a couple days ago. I think I will have sunflowers growing in the garden forever because of all the seeds those things dropped. 

( here are some pictures of what my new plants will look like later)

Another project my mother helped me on was re-doing my closet. Wow that was an ordeal. Most of you know that I am an organizing fanatic. And I love clothes, so whats better than having organized clothes? (probably iced coffee actually). Anyways. We took the challenge of saving money on the installation charge and did it ourselves. Its a good thing we have power saws and men on the dairy else The Container Store would have heard a lot of bad reviews from me. After some sawing, sweating, painting, and hammering, we got the closet up! 

 We needed some help with the demo so Thys gave us hand. Its a good thing to cause it would have taken us twice as long. The shot on the right is the finish product. Only one side of the closet. I really like it but I would like it more with the closet doors down! (hint hint dad). Not going to lie it makes getting dress so much easier.
Other than that my internship, catching up with some old friends, and online summer classes have been keeping me going. 

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