May 4, 2012

Off again

I should by sleeping but I am not tired. So I am hoping a quick post will do. Tomorrow we are waking up bright and early (well for some folks) to leave for the beach at 7 a.m. I can't believe that the trip I have been excited for all semester is here. I wasn't excited just because it meant that I'd be going home after; no I am excited because this trip is full on FUN! Ok that is a little lie, the word on the street is we have debriefs during the night. I guess we need to be told how to go back into the states aka reverse culture shock. I am interested in hearing what that is all about. And not so interested in discovering what that means. Regardless, it still is going to be fun, and I am looking forward to this beach trip. My hope is that I get a tan (without getting burnt; that is no fun on the plane), I can get some runs in, and eat a lot of seafood. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Maybe my next post will be in the states; but hopefully I will have some time to post pictures before I fly.


  1. so fun! your time has come... that means i get to see you soon! love you sis!

  2. Can't wait to see you soon! FYI, I sent an email to you at .trnty -- you should read it before you come back if you have a chance.