May 3, 2012

Jungle trip part 2

I survived another jungle trip. What a blessing. This time around I had a little bit more motivation, energy, and knowledge to serve. And our group had the privilege of moving in the family into their new home that took 2 years, and hundreds of hands to build. We had a work day all day Saturday and two half work days on Monday and Tuesday. We did a small VBS on those days as well. On Sunday we met an indigenous family in the jungle. Then went on a 2 hour hike through the jungle where the indigenous group showed us how they used nature for their good. (Seriously, no more hikes for me). It was cool to see them in their environment.

The VBS was a lot smaller this time because the town we did it in finished a bridge over the Napo River. They had a dedication ceremony on Monday so their were less kids. I was ok with that though because I felt like it was more easy to connect with the kids. Also, it helped that I knew a little more Spanish.

After this serve trip I am thankful that it wasn't my first time shoveling rocks, that I now know how to mix cement, and how much teamwork is needed to poor a bathroom floor. Despite the rain and muddy ground we were able to finish the small project Roberto (father of 9 children and head man of the school, and owner of the new house) put in front of us.

Ashley and I working on the floor in the new house

The house after 2 years

On our hike. I have never been so thankful for milk boot in my life. 

The indigenous family painted our faces with a plant. 

Our yummy lunch after the hike in a banana leaf. 

The older man is Roberto (I think he is 26) with his 2 of 4 sons playing games during VBS

Ashleigh, and Marisol (the oldest of the family),

God demonstrating his power through this tree. That is the trunk so BIG!

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  1. How exciting to be able to help them move into their new home! And I love the milk boots - we call them irrigation boots :o) Hope the paint came off easily...