February 5, 2012


Tonight, my R.A. got it in her head that she wanted to watch the Superbowl. I was totally ok with that. So after our run she, my roommate and I went to a restaurant called Sports Planet. It can be compared to a Champs, or Friday's. The food was pretty good. American so that made me happy. We were probably the only white girls in the restaurant watching the game. We were for sure the most into the game. But we didn't care. It was fun to cheer, but I felt like I was missing the American excessive cheering and loudness. I missed the Superbowl pizza, and gathering at the BBC. But, I'm thankful that we were able to watch the game and enjoy each others company.

Earlier today, I was blessed with some peace and quite in the house. Some of the girls went to a later church. It was so nice just being able to hear my own thoughts, and to have journal time. Today's sermon was on Jacob and his path to fully letting God love him. And fully loving God. It was another reminder of God and his love. The past two days I have been reminded of God's love. So I am beginning to feel like I am placed here in Ecuador so I can get better at loving God, and letting God love me. If anyone wants to pray for that adventure that I will be on for a long time- please do.

Have a great February 6.

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