January 26, 2012

Promised Pictures

Here I am before I left for my semester. 3 bags. One girl brought 1, I don't know how. 

We went to a market that had a bunch of produce. Look how good it looks. 

Meet my new friends- Sarah (from JBU), Jenna (from Biola) 

Today, I took my first trolley in Quito. Let's just say no one believes in personal space here. It was very crowded and a lot of pushing and shoving. 

Here is the street that we walked on, La Ronda. The road no longer has cars on it, so we walked down it. There were a lot of restaurants on the walk. 

We stopped in this little place that served Empenadas (probably slept wrong)

Look how little it was. It was pretty good however, it was very greasy. Greasyness is not my favorite, but it was worth trying. 

Here is another empenada. This was filled with cheese, so more like a dessert. 

Here are all the girls! There are 2 R.A.s mixed in then and 1 director. 

The place we ate dinner at.  Can you tell how old the building is. 

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  1. Yea friends and great pictures! I can't believe you are in Ecuador. mom