January 27, 2012

The Hunt

Today, we had a massive scavenger hunt that that took us around Quito. I would say we walked about 5 miles, but also took the trolley and taxis to get from different places. I was in a group of 3. 2 people in my group could speak excellent Spanish, and even conversed with the taxi drivers. I was very impressed with my teammates. It was fun to listen to them but made me wish I paid more attention in Spanish 1 and 2 in high school. I am regretting my attitude toward those classes more and more. Some of the clues took a long time and some of the clues made us just get napkins from different places in certain malls. We also went to a fresh market and got 6 roses for $2. (ok any guy who has a girlfriend should be freaking out right now, let me say it again 6 long stem roses for $2!! If you don't get it, you need to talk to your girlfriend. Why that's possible you might ask? Well, Ecuador's main export is flowers including roses.) I have created a bad attitude toward trolleys. They are filled with people, and to get to Old Quito we had to take one. I got squished in the door. It hurt very badly. Lets just say I can blame that one on my dutch heritage. While in Old Quito, my group found a nice lunch place, took a seat outside and had a pleasant lunch. By then we decided that we didn't want to complete the hunt anymore because we already knew we had missed a few things. So we headed back toward  the meeting place. Overall, it was a good experience. I feel like I got to navigate the city on my own a little. I need to work on my Spanish. I can't even find the bathroom in a mall! Which is not good for my case. We were very tired after that so we got a little down time in the apartment. For dinner we went to a families house, and played the longest game of Big Butty any can imagine. But it was tons of fun. I had to play Mofia though. Which is not fun, but I tried to be a good sport. So I'm in my cupcake p.j.s all clean, hair is partly dry and super curly. And I am looking forward to tomorrow. Check back to hear about the next adventure. 

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