December 20, 2011

O Christmas Tree

During an errand run with my mom today, I decided we needed a real Christmas tree in our house. Well I have always decided that we needed one, but this time my mom let me get one. So we went to the little Christmas tree lot by the mall and picked one out. I haven't done this in so many years. When I think about it I don't remember the first time I went to one of these things. Anyways, my mom and I picked out about a 2 foot tree, stuck it in the back of the car, and went on with our errands. After neglecting it for the rest of the day, I finally got around to decorating it tonight. So here are some pictures of the before, during and after. 
Here is the little guy. So cute, and smells so fresh. 

The tree topper. I found ribbon in our gift wrapping closet, tied it on the top and wrapped the extra down the stem. 

For the tree skirt I found some grey fleece and cut a slit down the middle. 

Then I took some more ribbon and hot glued it on the edges. Can you see its sparklie? During Christmas I love all things sparkle.

(To all the photographers out there, don't hate me for this picture. I know it is bad, but its all I got.) The finished product.

If you look close enough, you will see the ornaments are blue. I have had such a fascination about blue decorations ever since I read an article in "Better Homes and Gardens". The spread was filled with pictures of light blue, white and natural decorations. I loved it. Not necessarily Christmas but most definitely winter. This whole week I have tried to get my mom to put up blue decorations. She finally let me buy 6 blue ornaments for my tree (they are sparklie to). She then went on to put out a blue candle to tie in the room. So I have convinced her that blue wintery decorations are in fact something she can do in her house. 

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  1. This is so cute! A real tree and all! I love the's a nice touch, and fun for something different for Christams. Better Home and Gardens knows what's up :) I also love that you were running errands with your of my favorite at-home activities - some things are universal. Seems like you are loving Arizona...enjoy your family! Miss you!