December 20, 2011

O Christmas Tree Reflection

I'm sitting in my dad's chair right now. Which is at a direct angle of the big Christmas tree. I have always enjoyed our Christmas trees. I just love how it glows, how the ornaments light up, and how the wrapping paper shimmers. Buying a real tree today reminded me of when I was little. We had a real tree every year for a long time. I loved (even though my mom said I didn't) watering the tree. I had to be extra careful to not spill it on the ground. I loved coming home from school and finding my mom wrapping presents. Then each day after that I'd lay on my belly and look for tags that said "Victoria". Obviously this house hold did not believe in Santa. My dad asked me what my favorite holiday was. I said Christmas, and that is not just because we are in the middle of the season. But I really do love the season of love, hope, and remembering.  Love found between family and friends. Perfect Love found in my Savior for giving us his son to live on earth. Hope found in the new year coming. Remembering of the year the has past; highs and lows. Remembering the Christmas story found in Luke which reminds us why we really celebrate the season of gift giving.

 I am so glad I have family to surround me in the Christmas season before I embarked on a journey, and while I find myself in an expected journey. I am so thankful for the glowing tree that gives me peace, makes me relax, and somehow outshines the TV. 

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