December 29, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson

My cousin Becca got married this past Tuesday. She married her best friend Josh Lawson. I went to school with them for a year. I always knew they were good friends and now it is so good to see them married. Beca's family carries out a tradition at all other weddings. For every wedding their family wears the same colored dress, or dress shirt. So an example would be, for Megan's wedding they would all wear yellow colored dresses. So in order to kinda make fun and to carry out the tradition the Van Hofwegen's wore boas, sunglasses, and hats. I think my uncle really liked it. It was a fun way to get all the Van Hofwegen's to do something different. Here are some pictures of the reception
This picture was taken inside the church she got married in. It was huge, but was very pretty. 

Here are our boas! Think they are pink enough? Also, to anyone who buys these- the shed everywhere! I'm still finding feathers. 

The bride and her dress. 

The band isn't pictured but Becca had a live band. They were really good. After awhile we put in an ipod and got some dancing going. 

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  1. My knees literally buckled when I saw the bride's dress. Beautiful.