December 27, 2011


I always wake up on Christmas day thinking it doesn't feel like Christmas. This year was the same. I think it especially didn't feel like Christmas because it fell on a Sunday this year, and because again like every year we didn't have snow. I have always wanted a white Christmas and to this day Tolleson, Az has not gotten snow. Crazy I know. I think when I was little I had the super excited feeling in my tummy when I woke up on Christmas day. I just couldn't sleep anymore because I knew what the day held. Now, I feel like I should still have that. But I don't. I think now that I am grown up, its not about feeling like Christmas, its making Christmas all you want it to be. I kinda failed at that this year. I didn't make sugar cookies, no gingerbread houses we made (expect for the ones made at the BBC), and I didn't bake up a storm like I wanted to. But I did still enjoy Christmas dinner and present opening.

Expect for Megan and James (who had to stay in Chicago) my family came over at night. We have always opened presents after dinner on Christmas day. Yup, my parents made us little kids wait all day long until we could open those gifts sitting under the tree. Addy and all the nephews had an extra amount of energy this year. They got so many presents, I don't think they know what to do with them all. It is fun watching them open their gifts. Our family watches each present get opened one at a time, ok sometimes two at a time. But we try to make the gift opening a long process. That way its not all done it 5 seconds. My mom puts a lot of work in wrapping those gifts. It was very weird not having my sister here to celebrate Christ's birth. I think my whole family could feel like something was missing. I stuffed myself way to much on my mom's good food. And I think she is the only person who makes pumpkin pie twice a year. Yup, we get pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ok enough words here are some pictures:

To Noah fist bump means head bump.

Her very own doll house. This thing is legit. When the toilet flushes it makes noises.  
Without knowing, my sister and I got our parents similar shirts. No they will not be wearing them together. 
Even though Christmas was a little different this year, I still did enjoy myself. I think it came after all the gifts were open and I was able to sit on the couch with my siblings. Out of all the craziness of the holidays I am so thankful that I have a family here to celebrate it with.

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  1. It did feel like something was missing this year...We need to work harder to get Megan and Jamie home next year:) Thanks for being such an awesome auntie and example to my babies. Love you.