October 13, 2011

Someone kick me into gear...

I was lying in bed and couldnt fall asleep. I am talking to Daniel (well texting, how that's considered 'talking' I don't know. My mass media class makes me analyze stuff like that now. ) Anyways... Lately, I've had a hard time with getting to my homework. By getting to homework I mean its so hard for me to sit down and do a quality night of homework. I have no time pressure like last year with basketball. I have yet to spend more than 2 or 3 hours in the library. Last year I would spend all day, before and after practice. Now wait a minute, don't go thinking I miss basketball, I don't, but this is my first year of school without a sport to play (in this season) since 6 th grade. I didn't know playing helped with my studies so much. This weekend I have to get on it. I was suppose to go to Iowa but long story short I'm staying here now. I'm ok with it though. It will be good to be alone on a weekend I think. I will do homework. I'm making myself. I have to! Midterms are next week. That needs ha or will I should say, kick me into gear. If that doesnt I ask you to kick me into gear. I need something to get me going.
Well that's my rant on studying... I'll try to post that post I promised you Daniel. But i might use a real computer for that.

Night all!

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