October 10, 2011

Parents Weekend

This weekend, my parents flew in to see half the family who live in the Chicago area. On Friday, we watched the Ddbacks at Applebees for an hour. That was refreshing. I miss watching the games. However, i might have to nix Applebees from my diet. Not a good place for my tummy. Anyways, here are some pictures of the weekend
Look at all the leaves on the ground!

Lets just say three grown adults, one who claims to be 'huge' in the back seat of my Juke does not make for a good hour drive. (We switched to Thys' truck at that point). 

We went to a Farmer's Market in Homewood, IL. What  a cute town. I ate my apple from there today, wow it was delicious.

We ate at a cute local grill. It was better than what we expected.

I had a lot of fun with my parents. It got a little stressful downtown. We saw the Blue Man Group (highly recommend). I enjoyed going to Homewood the most. 7 weeks until Thanksgiving, then I can go home. Don't get me wrong I love it at Trinity, but I am ready to be in my own home with all my loved ones. I was going to go to Iowa this weekend, for Fall Break, but those plans changed. So I will be here or at Megans house. I hope that I can make it through this October. It has started off shaky. The weekends have been great with Daniel and my parents visiting me. But the weeks are hard to get through after seeing them. I know I need to pick it up with my school work. So I set that as my goal for this week. That and a few other things. Hope your October is going well. I hear the weather is finally changing in Arizona. Don't freeze down there yet! 

Nap time for me, then to the library to crank out a 4 page marketing paper. YUCK! 

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