October 20, 2011

Rise and Shine (well no shining in Palos Heights)

If anyone knew me during high school, and had the privilege of interacting with me before I went to school they would never classify me as a morning person. (This ones for you mom and dad) For one, I hated going to high school. I could never get myself out of my bed. My mom would pound on my wood door- that is one sound I cannot stand, especially in the morning. I know I needed to get out of bed because it was 6:45 am, which meant breakfast time, yet I still had to get myself to pull on the P.C. uniform and do something that was 'cute' with my hair. I do think that's how I learned to get ready fast. Then once  I got myself to the breakfast table I wouldn't say anything, even if I did I would probably be complaining about my day. I did always like to listen to what my mom was going to do during the day, she'd always tell me, even if I was the fifth person to ask. Well Mom, I have good news. My roommates have classified me as a morning person. Say what! That's right, that grumpy, quiet, disheveled daughter you got to spend mornings with is now a morning person.

Recently, I have discovered the blessings of mornings. I know for one I am blessed because I do not have an 8 am class. Secondly, I have discovered the quietness, and newness mornings bring. I have gotten into the routine of washing my face, then making coffee and starting breakfast (toast with peanut butter and yogurt and granola every day). I eat it, before I get dressed, slowly. I think that the fact that I can eat it slowly makes me happy. I get dressed and get ready for class. If I have enough time, I will do my devotions. On Tuesday and Thursday I do not have class until 12:30 pm. Tuesdays, as you may recall, I teach Story Hour. But on Thursdays I have mornings all do myself. Today, I slept in, because I went to bed late. I was working on a press release for my public relations class. I started my laundry right away, made coffee, had breakfast, did devotions and finally got dressed. But have yet to do my hair, its raining out so there is no chance of it being cute. I just love being able to hear the wind and rain from my room. I think I even heard a bird chirping which always reminds me of home. I love the quietness that the campus has in the morning. I also love the alone time I get with myself and the time I get to spend in my devotions.

So maybe being a morning person doesn't mean being super hyper. Maybe it means having the ability to productive, and using the morning to talk with God.

Now, don't get me wrong, don't come jumping on my bed at 6 am. I will probably push you off.

Psalm 90:14
"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."


  1. hahaha. can i come jump in your bed at ummm 6:45?!!!! :) see you tomorrow, love you!