October 4, 2011

I have class in ten minutes. But I just wanted to share my excitement of the day. I had Story Hour today, and guess what! I had one little boy. Its a step up from having no kids the past three weeks. We learned about the creation story. I made a creation wheel with him. I want to remember what God created on what days. I will hang it in my room for sure.

I have three 1 hour 20 minute classes today. My last class gets to be really long, but I hope that I can remember to enjoy the time I have in the classroom. I hope that I can learn to. It'll be a homework night, and maybe go to the volleyball game. Depends if I have some friends to go with. Or Thys, I'm sure he will want to support Courtney. I forget sometimes that I can always call on him to eat with me, or go to church with me. It is nice for sure.

Lunch was decent today. I stuck to the sandwich though, so you can't go to wrong there. Yogurt and granola and fruit. I need it to last these next four hours. I just have a huge craving for a cookie. Uh o. Alright, enough blabber. I'm going to wash my knife that is filled with peanut butter (from breakfast) it smells. Then its off to class.
Hope you all are having a good day.

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