September 26, 2011

Braid Party

I am in the middle of my first afternoon in the library. I have a big week this week which may not be a bad thing. I am hoping that it will get me into this whole learning thing. For some reason I am having a hard time getting into my classes. Not sure why, but I just spent the last two hours studying for a test and a quiz. I will let you know if it payed off.

I had a good weekend. My first hall council event as president was on Saturday. We had Open Mic Night. I was nervous the freshman wouldn't show up, but they did, and South Hall was packed. Lets just say it was a fire hazard. No fires though, just some raw talent. I have to say the freshman did really well with their performances. We had some help with upper class-man keep the night going but I was happy with the outcome. I had front desk from 12-2. Those two hours are normally dead. Instead, I had a good time. Lette  (South Hall RA), Abby and I learned how to braid. If anyone is interested in new hairstyles, try the waterfall braid. It is so pretty. Especially with colored hair. Here is the link to look at the hairstyles- but fyi you can't watch the video tutorials unless you pay. Instead of paying Lette got smart and figured it out herself. I am still mastering it, but I hope that I can practice on Angel's long hair. We decided we are going to try a new hairstyle each day this week. So far I have done the chignon bun for church, and then a braided side pony-tail.

Its been rainy and cold today. I have to get back to homework. I get to research for a project presentation. Good news is only 45 minutes until I have a reason to leave the library- workout time!

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