June 17, 2011

House sitting

I am sitting in my uncle's house this evening because I am house sitting for them this weekend. If you know me well you know that I am very afraid of the dark, I don't like being alone, and I am deathly afraid of dogs. All three of my fears have come true with my first evening at the house.
First, the dark. I'm not sure why I am afraid of the dark but unless I am with someone else I just don't like being in the dark by myself. There is something that just off sets me about the dark. One plus though, if its night time then the moon will be out. I think the moon is beautiful, so for that I'm thankful for the dark.
Second, being alone. Unless I have been around people all day I usually like to be by someone. I know that some people like to be alone. But i don't. I like to be able to talk to someone, or just sit with someone. For some reason having someone else around gives me security. But I guess I'm never really alone. I know that God is wherever I am I guess I don't actually think about Him being with me.
Finally, dogs. This family has a big dog  (and I am not over exaggerating). I guess he's cool if your a dog person. But if your not well than he's a big scary dog. When I came over here this morning he was barking at me, so I made my sister help me calm him down. Ha. And than tonight he was barking at me. I just don't understand dogs.
 I hope I can sleep tonight! I'll keep you posted on my house sitting adventures.

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