September 1, 2014


Church shopping. What a growing experience. With a month under our belts in this new town the desire to get settled into a church is growing ever so quickly.

I grew up in a few different churches. For a time of my life I went to Christian Reformed Church. Then there was a time that I went to a community church. While in college, I attended both with no real home base until I started dating my husband. I have always known the importance of having a home church. Now after getting married and moving away from family and friends I cannot wait to join a church to make new friends and gain a family. I cannot wait to serve a church and to open our home up to that community.

I am blessed enough to have someone by my side who also shares the same desire to have a home church. And someone who is willing to do the research before we walk into the doors. There is always a strange feeling going to a new church. Two attitudes are present. Both "I'm ready to worship" and "I'm going to be observing you". It's difficult to fully worship while taking notes about the environment, people, and doctrine.

Here are three things that I've learned from this past month:

1. Be ready to talk. Regardless if you are tired, are bad at it, or plain don't want to, the only way you will meet others is by talking. Be ready to shake their hand, hold a random child in church, and explain your story over and over.

2. Be confident. Proudly share what brought you to the church and that you are looking for a home church. Don't be afraid to say that you are looking for a small church or big one. One with traditional songs or a full band.

3. Coffee and cookies are okay to enjoy. Easy conversational topics come out of coffee and cookie time.

Above all, remember that you can worship regardless if it's your home church or not. You already have one thing in common with these people. Your faith.

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