December 22, 2013

Special bond

What's better then 1 great weekend? Following it with another great one.

This time around I got to spend it with my man's family. A random over night-er at Hotel Felix and some Chicago exploring with the Hamstra family made for a solid weekend. Oh, and include the Hobbit in 3D. While it wouldn't have been my first choice, I enjoyed it. The hotel was connected to a restaurant serving delicious breakfast and above average coffee. We walked the streets for a while, and explored the famous Macy's, even enjoyed the window displays in the cold. We finished the night off with a Christmas gift exchange back in the Palos Park- making for a pleasant evening with a family I hold dearly to my heart.

This family is as down to earth as it comes. Always ready for a good time but a in a no fuss kind of way. I got to share a room (okay, actually a kind size bed) with Aaron's brother's girlfriend, and Aaron's sister. While we were "telling deep dark secrets" as Raquel would say (even though my darkest secret is probably that I eat cereal before bed) I laid there listening to the two talk. While I have only known these girls for such a short time I am always blown away by their willingness to embrace the other. While we have a lot of similarities, we are all so so different. For example, his sister loves the attention, me on the other hand, gets red face and flustered when more than 1 person looks at me. But still, there is some special bond between the three of us. Not sure what it is, but when I am with them I feel like the older sister (but oddly we are all the youngest of our families). I loved listening to them talk about what kind of craziness they have gotten into, getting asked to talk about Aaron, and getting asked to tell my testimony. While I didn't share it with them because I was half asleep- I can't wait to share it with them. I can't wait for them to know more about where I come from and why I love being in their life. Because in some way I hoe to be a Godly example to them.

The unfortunate part is Raquel is moving away. I'm probably going to cry this time because you know, the 3rd time is the charm. But- until then I'll enjoy the last days I have Aaron's family in Illinois.

These beautiful girls bring so much joy to my life. 

 I realize it's blurry- but I just love how my favorite things are captured in 1 shot. Coffee and Aaron. Aaron holding coffee- next to me. What a win. 

We dominated the Macy's. I may have been sold on some hand cream for my ugly hands! 

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