May 4, 2013

a passion

I am not sure if I have ever addressed a huge part of my dutch story. I have mentioned it but there is a lot more to it then the small remarks.


It all started the summer going into my sophomore year of college. I gave up basketball and needed some way to control my weight and release stress. Little did I know how much of an impact turning into a runner would be.

My first half marathon was rough. Training for the race was the most frustrating thing I have done concerning sports. Credit goes to my mom who encouraged me, ran with me, and didn't let me give up.

I have three half marathons plus a 10K in Ecuador under my belt. I am training for my fourth half right now. The best feeling ever is when someone says "o, your the runner" or "she's a runner". Not because I look like one but because it's becoming my passion. When people describe me that way I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Running is no longer a way for me to control my weight, although, I do appreciate that benefit. It is now a way for me to clear my head. It is a way for me to be in prayer with the Lord. It is a way for me to think things through. It is a way for me to start my days off right.

I am now a morning person because of running. Don't get me wrong I am not the talkative morning person that most would assert to that phrase. But, I love getting up at 6 am. Most college students think that is crazy, but to me, waking up when everyone is sleeping, embracing the quietness of a new day, and seeing the morning light gives me such a high.

It's challenging to make sure my passion glorifies the Lord. I know I would not have this ability without His work. It can be easy for me to run and exercise to achieve a level of fitness. Sometimes, I loose track of why I do all of this. I think to highly of my work and did not give it back to the Lord. While I run, I pray my running glorifies him and not myself. I know that challenge will always be there but I think it makes me want to continue to work at it.

Running has given me a way to connect with others. I love being able to run with my sister downtown. She was the one who got mom and I started on all of this. (I might even be able to keep up with her now.) I love finding new running buddies. I was pretty thrilled when I found out Aaron was a runner. Talk about a challenging running buddy. Keeping up with a man going into the Marines builds a lot of character.

So there you go... a little background of my running life. It is more than just putting two feet in front of the other. To me it is a time where I can meet the Lord. Where I can let go of life worries and where I can be myself.

(I can't help but mention the awesome feeling of going for a long run and rewarding myself with a massive breakfast. Folks, if this post didn't inspire you to start running then at least the idea of eating more will).

One of the lakes I run pass in my 6 mile loop. 

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