April 17, 2013

April 17th. Shoot, that means I am half way through this month and I still haven't given ya'll a theme. Maybe I could write about the hectic ness that has been going on.  Or the promise of no-straighening of hair during April Sarah and I? Or I could give you a thousands more reasons why running calms me down. It never fails-I go to bed a little overwhelmed, wake up, go for a run, and it is the sweat takes it out of my body (ok-its really the Lord calming me down). Or I could write about how the best way to handle my to-do lists is by avoiding them and talking walks instead. Or I could write about how I have failed to figure out how to dress for Spring. Like- is it actually warm outside, will it stay dry, can I wear sandals? (Answer is probably no).

Maybe by the 30th I will come up with a theme. Until then- enjoy my random thoughts. Pretty much how my brain works daily.

Or I could write about how much I love Whole Foods Salad Bar

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