December 6, 2012

Coffee, a good attitude, and comfort food

That is pretty much what it takes to get through the last two weeks of school. The final papers, presentations, and tests that you should have been working on during the whole semester get crammed into 7 days. Then the next 7 days is followed by trying to remember all that you learned through the semester. And it's during this 14 days that something incredibly unfortunate will happen to you. 

Not entirely the easiest thing to be doing. It is super easy to get stuck in a bad attitude about Chemistry or about Math. It's super easy to have a bad attitude about the room that looks like a bomb hit it because we are all 'to busy' to stop and pick up after ourselves. It's super easy to skip morning workouts because extra sleep is needed which leaves you in a sluggish mood all day.

But that is when you turn to your roommates, parents, and friends for extra prayer and encouragement. It's this time of year that you take time to drink hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights in the car. It's this time of year that the simplest things like wearing a Christmas sweater can bring joy. I am so thankful that I have people around me who are going through the same thing, and people who can put everything into perspective when motivation level hits a 0. I am so thankful that I have people around me who encourage me by their actions. (Abby you've rocked it this week!)

7 more days of this hectic lifestyle then I'll go home. I'll miss spending time with my roomies at midnight having random conversations, but spending 4 hours at the public library by myself I will not miss. 

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