November 16, 2012

It's Friday!

November 16 is upon us. I've been waiting for this Friday for a while. Why?

Because.... My Student Activities team is putting on a giant game of capture the flag. This event is super easy to throw together, but yet I am really excited for it.

Because....It marks the weekend of Magnificent Mile Light Parade! (One of the best event's Trinity goes to and Chicago has).

Because.... It is the weekend before Thanksgiving which means I only have 2 more days of school left before I get to come home.

Because....I finally get to mark of a chemistry presentation that has been lingering in my head all semester.

Because....I will hopefully be making crafts tonight for Thanksgiving.

Because.... I get to meet with a friend for our weekly coffee time.

Happy Friday all. Enjoy it for what is is. Even if that means doing pay roll, wash out tickets ( you know who you are), caring for children, or going to classes all day. I hope you find the simple joys in the daily activities with the knowledge that Saturday is a'coming!

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