May 27, 2012

What have I been up to?

O just some ballet in the dessert: Topia was beautiful!
Who knew I liked ballet and sitting in the hot dessert. I would recommend this to anyways if it Arizona Ballet does it again.

It never fails, I have been goofin off a little bit to. High School graduation for cousin got a little boring so Angel and I made our own fun. Congrats Preston. So proud of you.

 Finn helps me become a kid again to. We walked in the corn for awhile like I did when I was little. We were both itchy after that walk. This corn is taller than me, it creates such a beautiful view I get to see everyday behind my garden.
 Yesterday, my mom and I ran our half marathon in Taylor, Az.
This town was so redneck. Got to say I loved it.
Look at our starting gun. That is a shotgun folks.
 About 6 miles was on a dirt road (it was also super windy). Got to love a twisted ankle half way through.
My mom is such an inspiration. Her goal: 6 half marathons in 1 year. I get the pleasure of running 2 with her. 1 done, 1 to go and who knows if I'll run more.
I know that is gross but that is my reward after the race. So fun.
Finally, I've been enjoying some time with these folks. I love my family so much. Some how we all managed to coordinate this morning for church. I've been keeping busy, but I am ready for my internship to start and hopefully this job search will work out soon.

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  1. Firstly: may i please see a picture of Preston. who is this kid and why do I know so little about him.

    secondly: Finn is supes adorbs and so is your mother

    lastly: congrats on the half. sorry about your sick foot disease. when is the next one?